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 Explore the untold story of the Underground Railroad. A Promise Moon is an action-filled chronicle of a brave slave womanís grueling odyssey as she seeks freedom in the north. Rachel, empowered by the spirit of her grandmother and realizing that the Emancipation Proclamation doesnít free her, decides to make a bold escape to freedom when the "Promise Moon" appears. When her husband is reluctant to join her, she takes their baby and leaves on her own. She evades bloodhounds and bounty-hunters, receives help from unexpected places and survives, but learns that the cost of freedom is always more than a person is willing to pay. While she struggles to heal herself, she becomes a battlefield nurse during the Civil War in order to help others. Joe, her husband, learns how to be his own man instead of another manís property. He begins to think for himself and realizes that being denied an education is no excuse for remaining ignorant. Their stories are a testament to the resilient power of the human spirit to survive despite inhumane conditions, and of the love between two people who must endure being apart in order to live their own lives together.

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