Welcome to "Shadows of Chaco Canyon."

Something mysterious and unsettling has happened in the Shadows of Chaco Canyon.

This mystery novel opens with the people gathering at Pueblo Bonito for the Winter Solstice, the most sacred time of the year. The legends tell of a darkness that threatens their sacred way of life, and unless the elders and a few trusted members of the community can avert another catastrophe, the tenuous bonds holding the people together will vanish.

Chaco Canyon has a subtle, patient beauty, a spiritual quietness that welcomes those willing to adapt. It is a special place of Native American spirituality, a place where the earth and sky touch, where the natural order of the heavens is honored on the earth below.

Between 800 A.D. and 1130 A.D., the people of Chaco Canyon constructed Great Houses, built grand roadways, and erected solar and lunar markers that are still accurate today. Now only their ancestors remain amidst the ruins as guardians of the magnificent structures they left behind.

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