Camp Nelson, Kentucky

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Most escaped slaves received little or no help until reaching "The North," but when the Union Army occupied Confederate soil, this moved the boundary line for freedom much closer. It is estimated that the Emancipation Proclamation encouraged approximately 200,000 enslaved men, women and children escaped between January 1, 1863 and the end of the war in April, 1865.

This excerpt from Chapter 12, pages 125 and 130 from "A Promise Moon" was inspired by this fact.

    "Where am I?"

    "Kentucky. This hereís Camp Nelson. Thatís the Kentucky River you just swum across."

Ö.. More than half of the people he saw were women and children, but their lethargy was gone, the dimwitted faÁade of enslavement absent. There was uncertainty and fear on some faces, but also hope, and something else he hadnít see much of: people smiling. Children old enough to work were playing instead.



A research grant to study slavery and the Underground Railroad in Kentucky inspired, "A Promise Moon." I alluded to, or drew inspiration from my findings as I wrote my latest novel which is set during the Civil War. RESEARCH FINDINGS



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