Big Idea: Government and Civics

2.14 Students understand the democratic principles of justice, equality, responsibility, and freedom and apply them to real-life situations. Joe and Rachel are enslaved. Do any of the above democratic principles apply to them? Explain and give examples of how these principles are granted or denied.


2.15 Students can accurately describe various forms of government and analyze issues that relate to

the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. Do enslaved people have rights and responsibilities? How and Joe and Rachel? Samuel?  


Big Idea: Cultures and Societies


2.16 Students observe, analyze, and interpret human behaviors, social groupings, and institutions to better understand people and the relationships among individuals and among groups. Discuss how slavery affects the relations among individuals and groups. Compare/contrast the living conditions between the slaves and their owners.


Big Idea: Economics


2.18 Students understand economic principles and are able to make economic decisions that have consequences in daily living. Compare the average wage of workers and the amount of reward money offered for the return of a slave. (See Economics of Slavery) How would this influence people’s decision to help an escaped slave?


Big Idea: Geography


2.19 Students recognize and understand the relationship between people and geography and apply their knowledge in real-life situations. Look at map of the United States in 1863. Does it make sense to escape toward the north if you are in Georgia? What about if you are in Kentucky? Look at one of the Confederate states. Which direction is closest to a Union state where slavery is illegal? Is it East, West North, or South? Which way would you go? Why?  


Big Idea: Historical Perspective


2.20 Students understand, analyze, and interpret historical events, conditions, trends, and issues to develop historical perspective.  Possible ideas for discussion:  How did “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” affect people’s perception of slavery? Is there a current book or media that has a similar influence?  




A research grant to study slavery and the Underground Railroad in Kentucky inspired, "A Promise Moon." I alluded to, or drew inspiration from my findings as I wrote my latest novel which is set during the Civil War. RESEARCH FINDINGS

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