From "A Promise Moon" Chapter 2, pages 21, 22:

 A candle flickered in the windowsill but the curtains on either side were moth-eaten and dirty. Whyís that candle in the center of the windowsill instead of off to the side? And why they lighting a candle when itís daylight? 

From "A Promise Moon," Chapter 2, page 15:

The wind carried the excited yips of bloodhounds chasing a scent. Their howls were the sound of the Devil coming to claim another lost soul.

A bloodhound could track a runaway slave from the scent lingering on a downwind tree. Itís no wonder most escape routes followed rivers. A bloodhound has a sense of smell 60 times more acute than a human and can pick up a scent that is 12 days old, so the importance of rivers and their ability to wash away smells, in addition to providing a navigational aid, is tantamount. 



A research grant to study slavery and the Underground Railroad in Kentucky inspired, "A Promise Moon." I alluded to, or drew inspiration from my findings as I wrote my latest novel which is set during the Civil War. RESEARCH FINDINGS

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