Discussion Questions

1. What is the significance of the title? Would you have given the book a different title? If yes, what is your title?

2. What were the themes of the book? Do you feel they were adequately explored? Were they brought to life in a unique manner?

3. What did you think of the structure and style of the writing?

4. What scene was the most pivotal for the book? How do you think the story would have changed had that scene not taken place?

5. What scene resonated most with you personally in either a positive or negative way? Why?

6. Has anything ever happened to you similar to what happened in the book? How did you react to it differently?

7. What surprised you the most about the book?

8. Were there any notable racial, cultural, traditional, gender-oriented, sexual or socioeconomic factors at play in the book? If so, what? How did it affect the characters? Do you think they were realistically portrayed?

9. How important is the setting & time period to the story? How would it have played out differently in a different setting? What about a different time period?

10. Were there any particular quotes that stood out for you? Why?


11. Did any of the characters remind you of yourself or someone you know? How?

12. What is motivating the actions of the characters in the story? What do the sub-characters want from the main character and what does the main character want from them?

13. What were the dynamics of "power" between the characters? How did that play a factor in their interactions?

14. How does the way the characters see themselves, differ from how others see them? How do you see the various characters?

15. How did the "roles" of the various characters influence their interactions? I.e., for a woman: Mother, daughter, sister, wife, lover, professional, etc.

16. Was there a particular character you identified with? Why?

17. Were there any moments where you disagreed with the choices of any of the characters? What would you have done differently?

18. What past influences are shaping the actions of the characters in the story?

The Ending:

19. Did you think the ending was appropriate? How would you have liked to have seen the ending go?

20. How have the characters changed by the end of the book?

21. Have any of YOUR views or thoughts changed after reading this book?

22. What do you think will happen next to the main characters?


23. Are there any books that you would compare this one to? How does this book hold up to them?

24. Have you read any other books by this author? Were they comparable to your level of enjoyment to this one?

25. What did you learn from, take away from, or get out of this book?

26. Did your opinion of the book change as you read it? How?

A research grant to study slavery and the Underground Railroad in Kentucky  inspired, "A Promise Moon." I alluded to, or drew inspiration from my findings as I wrote my latest novel which is set during the Civil War.


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