Kin Kletso  (Yellow House)

Kin Kletso is a medium-sized Great House in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.  Kin Kletso has about 55 rooms, four kivas, and a tower kiva.  Evidence of a bead manufacturing workshop has been uncovered during excavations.  Beads made from turquoise, shale and shells have been uncovered.  The turquoise may have come from a mine near the present-day town of Cerillos, New Mexico which is in the hills south of Santa Fea distance of over 115 miles!

Was there a sun watching station atop the two story kiva at Kin Kletso?  A large boulder was incorporated into the west side of this Great House.  The two story kiva atop the boulder offers a 16 to 17 day advance notice of the approaching winter solstice.  Kin Kletso may have been built around a pre-existing sun-watching station atop this boulder.


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