Shadows of Chaco Canyon: The Women


When it became apparent that the elderly farmer had finished speaking, the pretty young woman known as Neeva offered more information. She had beautiful dark brown eyes and spoke with animated movements. There was passion in the tone of her voice.
"It was a sound like thunder, although there were no clouds in the sky. The rockslide seemed to go on forever, until our ears began to ache."

She stood, moving her arms in a circle, reaching toward the ceiling. "Huge dust clouds…it was difficult to breath. When the dust began to settle, we could see a body beneath the rockslide. Nearly the entire terrace along the North Rim near Pueblo Alto
is gone! If it rains, the water will be lost."

A long stretch of silence followed—partly out of respect, for Neeva might not be finished speaking, but also because everyone present was stunned.  No water— no life, the people could not stay in Chaco Canyon without water.


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