Tsin Kletzin (Burnt Wood or Charcoal Place)

Oriented along a true north-south straight line axis with Pueblo Bonito, Tsin Kletsin may have served as an astronomical marker.  Although absolute proof of its role in recording and honoring astronomical events is unobtainable, such precise alignments and observable phenomena provide overwhelming circumstantial evidence.

This 70+ room Great House may have been three stories tall in some places and once contained kivas that were two stories tall.  The tallest kiva may have been used as a lookout station, since Kin Klizhin is viewable to the west, Bis sa’ani is viewable to the northeast, both Peñasco Blanco and Casa Chiquita are viewable to the northwest, and Kin Kletso and the Pueblo Alto buildings are viewable to the north.

In all, there may have been as many as 29 line-of-sight watch towers allowing the people of Chaco Canyon to relay messages using reflective mica signaling rocks during the day or signal fires at night.  Several roads connect Tsin Kletzin to other Great Houses in Chaco Canyon.


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