A Promise Moon: A Historical Fiction Love Story

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Rachel craves freedom, but her owner forbids it. She yearns for a better life for their young child. In a world of black and white, she belongs to neither. The Underground Railroad is her salvation or her death.

Slavery is soul murder; beauty is a curse to a young slave woman. Rachel is determined to destroy her shackles, to escape with her life, and to create a life worth living for her child.

Rachel must escape the brutality to survive, but a better life is only a promise. The “North” is the great unknown. Is freedom merely a rumor born of desperation? Is she risking everything by running toward something worse? If she’s caught, she will be sold downriver, sentenced to the slow death of working rice or picking cotton.

If you like page-turning historical fiction novels featuring strong female leads, then you’ll love Stephen Allten Brown’s story. A Promise Moon is the untold story of the Underground Railroad, where escapes were unaided and only the bravest women and men could steal themselves free.

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