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Mystery Island introduces Maddie Tate, who has passed through the thin veil separating physical and spiritual worlds. “I see miraculous things and none of it hurts.”

Andrew Tate doesn’t believe in ghosts—except for his recently deceased wife, Maddie. His dreams of her are all he has left, and he loses a little more with every waking moment.

Rodrigo is a Spanish-speaking pirate ghost from the 15th century, reading Yiddish and leaving six-sided gold coins as clues that bring a murderous strain of gold fever to the island. Trading lives for gold is soul murder in any language. Rodrigo laments the greed which has cast him ashore in this distant land, for gold is the curse that has doomed him to wander.

Sheriff Andrew Tate spends his waking hours keeping the peace on an island too small for a traffic light and too big for a one-person police force. The wrong person is killed; a botched suicide heightens tension. And the ghosts won’t leave him alone.