Shadows of Chaco Canyon

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Chaco Canyon has a subtle, patient beauty, a spiritual quietness that welcomes those willing to adapt. It is a special place where the earth and sky touch, where the natural order of the heavens is honored on the earth below. Between 800 A.D. and 1130 A.D., the people of Chaco Canyon constructed Great Houses, built grand houses of nearly 700 rooms, engineered remarkable irrigation systems, and built grand roadways that run within .5 degrees of true north. The solar and lunar markers they erected accurately track such complex celestial events as th moon's 18.6 year orbit and the sun's winter and summer solstices. Now only their ancestors remain as guardians of the magnificent buildings they left behinds. Stephen Allten Brown has reanimated this miraculous world heritage site so that others may experience the wonder and mystery of Chaco Canyon.